Alive Like You Campaign

Bubbling with live active cultures, KeVita probiotic drinks are ‘living liquids’ that revitalize you on the inside, so can feel truly alive on the outside.
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May 2019

Like that first time. In 2020, We created a holistic campaign for KeVita that excited and inspired drinkers with real stories of people's first times. (Not like that you silly!)

The campaign launches with films of real people sharing their stories of what it means to feel truly alive for the first time. From risking it all to launch a global brand, to conquering some of the biggest walls Colorado has to offer, each film unpacks those life-defining moments and captures the liveliness of being the first.

In addition to a content series and targeted OOH campaign, KeVita launched the #AliveLikeYouContest. This promotion aims to engage and inspire KeVita’s audience to share their own stories, offering prizes that help them pursue their passion and a shot at 15 seconds of social fame. All, while promoting the lifestyles that personify KeVita’s brand ideals.

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