National Booch Day

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January 2021

The biggest day of the new year is obviously the Super Bowl. But right behind that—right on its heels—is National Booch Day. The Nation's largest celebration of kombucha and fermented beverages. Best Buy's refrigerator sales are through the roof during the National Booch Day sales event.

In it's 3rd year, National Booch Day is has evolved into a cultural event celebrating all things fermented. This year we invited consumers to be their own booch-blend-ologist and mix up tasty concoctions using our already tasty beverages. We elevated the event with a mixologist of our own, featuring fanciful booze-free mocktails that stirred our drinkers into a frenzy.

We created a head-to-head flavor competition asking our 55K Instagram followers to vote for their favorite booch blend. Utilizing polls, favorite blends rose to the the top and National Booch Day the Top Booch Blend was crowned the winner.

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